DELINEATION loudspeakers
High end at a reasonable price.

THE BYOB (build your own) KIT:

What is the BYOB DIY kit?

The BYOB Kit is a floor standing 3 way design.
Because you Build Your Own Box, you can make it as simple or complex as you like - Full plans are supplied in the manual.

We identified a need for people looking to buy a high quality DIY kit that combines superior drivers and crossover components.
Whilst designs can be obtained locally and internationally, there are none to our knowledge that incorporate the multitude of design goals showcased here.
The designer has spent considerable time to make this kit provide the state of the art in all aspects of the design.
These technical features will combine to give you long term musical and visual pleasure.

Some of the features of the design include:

A DIY 3 way design which positions the crossover points as far out of the sensitive midrange as possible.
Time aligned Low distortion drivers from SEAS.
High quality Jantzen components throughout. Wax-foil inductors, Superior and Silver-caps, Superes resistors.
Smooth Off-axis response from a variety of listening positions.
When constructed as per the supplied drawings, there are separate sub-enclosures for the mid, tweeter and crossover leading to increased detail through mechanical isolation.
A series of internal baffles also address internal reflections and pipe resonances.

This speaker presents a consistent impedance curve with gentle phase angles.
This is a true 4ohm design with impedance rises at the frequency extremes to provide a gentle load for the amplifier.
Those who have auditioned the speaker have made note of the quality of the sound, the lack of distortion.
Also the absence of listener fatigue even after extended listening at high power levels.
We believe this kit competes favourably with speakers of a much higher asking price.

Ported anechoic - 37Hz - 22,000Hz +/- 6dB in the suggested 48 litre enclosure with the supplied port.
Sensitivity - 87dB / 1w / 1mtr.
Impedance - Minimum 3.9ohm @ 1400Hz.
Phase angle no greater than 45 degrees from 20Hz-20kHz.
8" long throw doped paper woofer.
4" CURVE woven poly cone midrange co-designed by Linkwitz and SEAS.
1" aluminium alloy tweeter with integrated protective grill and phase shield.
Suggested cabinet Size - 93cm High - 26cm Wide - 42cm deep (Including binding posts).
Construction – A Manual with drawings is supplied with each kit.
Suggested cabinet construction uses 18mm mdf and simple butt joints.
Being DIY if you wish to use other materials and construction methods thats up to you.
Weight ~ 30kg EACH when built as suggested with 18mm mdf.

The last photo is of the completed demo speakers and were made with basic hand tools.
They can be auditioned in Kenmore Brisbane by appointment.

Delivered as a kit of parts.
Speaker drivers, Crossover parts, Wire, Terminals, Ports, Wadding, Screws, Construction manual.
All you need to provide are basic hand tools and of course the cabinets.
No Woodwork of any sort is provided. BYOB – Build Your Own Box.

Further details are available by clicking the link below.