DELINEATION loudspeakers

High end at a reasonable price.

Introducing The Triptych self-assembly kit.



A work of art consisting of 3 sections that form one composition.

The kit is intended to address a need for a high quality kit that combined consistently superior drivers and crossover components in an inert and acoustically transparent enclosure.

Whilst designs can be obtained locally and internationally, there are none that incorporate the design goals of time aligned drivers, separate sub-enclosures for the sensitive mid and high frequency drivers in a highly refined enclosure that requires no woodwork skills to assemble.

We are also convinced that the cost of the kit represents excellent value when taking into consideration the quality of the entire unit along with the clarity and the musicality of the speaker.

There were many design goals that we met in this design - the complexity of reaching all of these goals whilst creating a beautiful design led to many hours of design iterations using state of the art 3D modelling software.

Time alignment: Time aligned drivers mean that sound arrives coincident from each driver.

Minimal Baffle refraction ripple effects through Tapered / complex baffles: A complex baffle ensures smooth sound and excellent imaging.

Off-axis smoothness & consistency: The design ensures that sound radiates into the room smoothly at all angles giving the full illusion of being with the performers.

Predictable impedance with gentle phase angles. Presents an easy to drive load for a wide variety of equipment.

High quality / good value drivers and crossover components: Scandinavian components picked over months of testing - excellent value to cost relationship.

It looks damn good: Well we think so. Months of development and prototyping means you get a state of the art design that can be assembled with ease.

A speaker that looks an sounds many times more expensive than it is. A work of beauty that you will gain joy from assembling and owning.

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