DELINEATION loudspeakers
High end at a reasonable price.

Who, what and when is delineation?

DELINEATION started in 2014 but it was in inception for many years before that.

Owner & designer Mark Kelly has been designing speakers of various designs for many years - honing his ear to listen to speakers & more importantly, to people who like to listen to speakers.

Over this time he has also developed skills in 3D modelling and construction techniques - pushing the boundaries of virtual modelling and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

A number of experiments & prototypes developed over 3 years led to the Triptych kit - a new concept in affordable high-end speakers.

In more recent times, this has evolved to the BYOB kit that incorporates the design goals of the Triptych but allows the purchaser to save by constructing the cabinet themselves if they have sufficient skills.

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